Why Grass-Fed is Better (and Why Grass-Finished Matters!)

We recently announced a partnership with Windy Hill Farms out of New London, NC. They will be taking orders and leaving tons of great, healthy ground beef at our Kings Mountain Prescriptions Plus location in order to make it easier for anyone to get access to their great products at a great price conveniently.

But what makes this beef better than what you can get at the store?

Windy Hill Farms beef is raised naturally, without growth hormones and antibiotics that are harmful to human health. Instead, these cows eat grass, like cows are supposed to meaning that there are no horrible side effects from added products that are not apart of the natural process.

In addition, Windy Hills does not treat their grass with any unnatural pesticides, so their meat does not contain toxins and other chemicals which can be harmful to the body.

Windy Hills cows remain grain-free for their whole life. Increasing numbers of studies show that grain can be a harmful ingredient in the human diet, and while some farmers sell “grass-fed beef”, the important thing is to ask whether or not that beef was also grass-finished! If cows are fed grain at any point in their life, be it from birth up until a few weeks before they are butchered or only the last few weeks before they are butchered, studies have shown that the cow may as well have been eating grain for its whole life—making any nutritional claims about being “grass-fed” moot. Fortunately, with Dana and the Windy Hills Farms team, you don’t have to worry about that!

For more information on Windy Hills Farms, like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WindyHillFarmNC/?fref=ts and visit their website where you can also place custom orders for pick-up at Prescriptions Plus at www.windyhillfarmnc.com.

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