The Mission and Future of LifeStyle Construction


My mission is to help everyone obtain optimal health, wellness, and fitness using God given quality foods, specialty pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, the right type of water, and science based exercise. By following my science based LifeStyle Construction program, you will learn how to have unbelievable energy and mental clarity. And to make it even better, you will burn fat without starving yourself!

You will also learn how to control cravings, improve sleep, maximize hormone production, and improve muscle tone; all while maximizing your body’s ability to function optimally while minimizing the need for prescription drugs.

During the 12 classes I teach that drugs, whether over the counter or prescription, deplete important vitamins and minerals. Therefore, to allow your body to perform at it’s highest level, it is important to replace nutrient depletions with the highest quality, professionally formulated supplements available.

The 12 educational classes are invaluable in your learning how to obtain and maintain optimal health, wellness, and fitness at any age. The idea that as we get older gaining weight, lacking energy, losing our mobility, becoming less productive, having a bigger waistline, feeling tired and depressed, losing strength, and independence IS NORMAL just doesn’t make sense. In fact it is down right NONSENSE!!!


Over the years, I have helped many different types of people with many different problems. From young children to adults in their late 80s, to people of extremely poor health, to high level athletes to doctors and their families. Diabetics, auto immune patients, overweight patients, heart patients, kidney patients, reflux sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers, and many others. Some were told they would never get better. Now, they have all had life changing results.

Now that the LifeStyle Construction Program is continuing to increase in popularity, my next step is to make it available worldwide. The need to make it available all over the world was evident to me when I recently had a woman fly from Arizona to North Carolina twelve times to complete the program. She had tried every available resource she could find in her home state with no real positive results. After just a few weeks of the LifeStyle Construction Program she was shocked at how great she felt. Her energy levels were through the roof and her pain had virtually disappeared. 

In my current class of 30 people, I have a lady who is driving about 3 and 1/2 hours for the education and life changing knowledge the LifeStyle Construction Program offers. Again, she had exhausted all resources in her area and believed there was no hope. Her doctor has taken her off of 4 medications and told her to keep up whatever she is doing. This is over a period of only 4 weeks.

These types of results are possible because I teach you easy, step by step ways to implement the program into your life. While dispelling many beliefs that we have been taught to be healthy that are actually driving America’s high disease rates. I make it easy and fun to learn what is actually healthy and what’s not.

While most wellness programs require you to cut calories or count points this one does not. My program will teach you that you don’t have to endure hunger as many programs do. This is true because I teach you a revolutionary way to think about food.  Not as an enemy or something to be avoided, but rather as vital energy that we need to BURN FAT.


Over the next few months my team and I will create an online program that will be available to anyone, anywhere. Then we will begin to train other pharmacists and doctors on how to teach my LifeStyle Construction Program in their local areas.

Taking the program live and in person offers so many advantages. The most important being personal interaction with others that are going through the same experiences. My wife Beth (also a pharmacist) is writing a recipe book of the highest quality meals that taste equivalent, if not better than a five star restaurant. This way as you begin the program you can dive right into making easy, fun, and great tasting meals for you and your family.

All this is happening now! Plus, I am developing proprietary LifeStyle Construction Supplements. These supplements are professional formulas I have developed over many years of research and development. They are critical for success in the LifeStyle Construction Program. Using these science based formulas will support better overall health, wellness, and fitness for life.

I have dedicated these last 10 years to developing the premiere health, wellness, and fitness program in the world. It has now been tested by thousands of people. The development of the science based materials and how to make the LifeStyle Construction Program practical for the rest of your life is complete.

My team and I keep vital statistics on each and every LifeStyle Construction participant and the results are truly unheard of. I will continually work to improve the program by staying up to date on scientific advances as they become available. As a matter of fact, I am writing this as I am flying to teach other health care professionals about my LifeStyle Construction Program for 4 days. Then I will be on my way to another city to continue my education in advanced metabolic and nutritional medicine. I do this not only for me and my family, but so I can fulfill my passion of teaching you how to obtain optimal health, wellness, and fitness. I am beyond excited to help you make massive changes to your health and life.

To your optimal health,

Billy Wease