Meet Billy

Billy Wease


My mission is to help educate the average individual on how to obtain optimal health and wellness by using healthy food, natural supplementation, and exercise that has been proven, tested, and scientifically based so that the side-effect laden prescription and over the counter drugs are not necessary.


Billy R Wease Jr, RPh., FAARFM, CF-L1

  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    School of Pharmacy Graduate 1990
  • PCCA
    Clinical Compounding Pharmacist with specialized training from Professional Compounding Centers of America
  • anti-aging-fellowship
    Advanced Fellowship
  • crossfit
    Certified Level 1 Trainer
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The Wellness Pharmacist

Following in his father’s footsteps, Billy graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy in 1990. Soon after starting his career, he discovered that people were not really getting healthier but instead just being maintained with prescription drugs. He knew there had to be a better way to obtain optimal health and wellness so thus began his extensive research into natural and alternative therapies.

These discoveries led him to become an expert in bio-identical hormones and their effects on the body. From there he joined the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and became a master of how to use the right food, proper supplementation, exercise and alkalizing water to help countless individuals experience miraculous recoveries from different illnesses. Many of his clients have been able to work with their health care providers and discontinue several if not all of their prescribed medications. This became one of the most foundational principles of Billy’s practice- Normal labs do not equate to normal results (good health) when you use prescription drugs as a means to get there!

Billy’s passion grew as he discovered the root of our current failing medical system. The heart of the problem is the tools individuals use to gain true health. Being a Bible believing man, Billy knew from a young age that God created us in His image and also created everything around us to use for His glory. Our bodies are amazing self-healing machines when we use the right “tools” to maintain it and fix it when necessary.

Education became the forefront of Billy’s practice. He began teaching Kangen water classes, and Healthy Aging and Wellness courses along with a Lifestyle Construction program. When his clients incorporated the principles taught in these classes, they quickly received unprecedented results.

One of Billy’s many achievements through his teachings has been seeing Type 2 diabetes reversed for individuals who follow his simple lifestyle recommendations. His education and health knowledge continues to grow and expand as he stays up to the minute on new research in the health realm.


Taking his Healthy Aging and Wellness classes abroad, Billy has presented alongside some of the top nutritional health experts in the field. He has addressed hundreds of health minded individuals at different conferences, churches, schools, corporations and gyms. He loves to enlighten each person with new information that is being hidden and expose how God intended for us to be healthy and not medicated. His down to earth approach makes achieving true health within anyone’s reach.

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Health Entrepreneur

Billy’s expertise and natural approach has allowed him to now own and operate three Healthy Aging and Wellness Compounding Pharmacies called Prescriptions Plus in North and South Carolina. Their approach to helping achieve optimal health is unique. It’s where you’ll find the best of both modern science and traditional medicine. As an integrative pharmacy they strive to:

  • Restore the focus of medicine on health and wellness rather than disease and treatment.
  • View patients as real people – body and mind, and consider the big picture in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.
  • Create a genuine partnership between patient and practitioner that addresses healing all levels.
  • Consider simple, natural, and inexpensive treatment methods – especially when conventional approaches don’t seem to be working or may be invasive.

In healthcare, as in life, caring is good medicine. Exercise is also great medicine and another passion of Billy’s. He owns and operates two CrossFit Gyms in North Carolina and is CrossFit Level1 Certified.